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Hong Kong is an explorer's dream and a food-lover's paradise. It's the bowl of beef sa chanoodles washed down witha hot cup of signature Hong Kong milk tea at one of the city'scountlesscha chaan teng. It's the bamboo baskets filledwith delicate dumplings placed ontopristine white tablecloths at a Michelin-starred dim sum restaurant. It's thecocktail-fused table offriends hungrily dipping crab claws and wagyu beef into aromatic hotpot at midnight. Like the city itself,Hong Kong Localcelebrates the traditional and contemporary Cantonesecuisine that is cherishedby locals and fervently adored by visitors, while embracing theextraordinary influences that continue to shape HongKong's unrivalled food scene.Hong KongLocalis packed with delicious yet approachable recipes, so you canrecreate the magic of HongKong at home.