Acacia Chain

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A uniquely elegant everyday chain. If you like to blend your gold and silver jewellery then this chain is a staple piece. Ochre’s beautiful Acacia Chain is made up of recycled sterling silver and 14kt gold. This stunning necklace details 5 larger, imperfect sterling silver oval links, soldered onto a fine gold chain creating a hint of difference and elegance. You will never find another quite like it. 

Measurements + Materials:

  • The chain measures at an overall length of 50cm.

  • Detailing 5 imperfect larger sterling silver links measuring at roughly 1.5cm in length each.

  • Recycled Sterling Silver wire and a 14kt gold filled chain. 

  • Finished with quality, gold clasp.

  • Gold filled jewellery has 100 times more gold alloy than gold plated, meaning the layer of gold is so much thicker and tarnish resistant.

  • Ethically and sustainably handmade in Australia.